Broadband Unlimited Plans  (For ADSL/FTTH)

Nomenclature BBG  Combo ULD 899 CS99
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 10 Mbps till 12 GB, Upto 2 Mbps beyond
Applicability All Users of  all SSAs of UP(East) Telecom Circle except Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow and Varansi
Monthly Charges (Rs) 899
Annual Payment Option (Rs) [11 x FMC] 9889
Two Years Payment Option (Rs) [21 x FMC] 18879
Three Years Payment Option (Rs) [30 x FMC] 26970
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) per month Unlimited
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 2/1 GB
Static IP Address (On written Request) NA
Security Deposit
One month FMC
Minimum Hire Period
One Month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs NIL
Free Calls(with in BSNL n/w)* NIL
MCU Charges/ pulse in Rs. (to BSNL n/w after Free Calls) 1.0
MCU Charges/ pulse in Rs. (to Other Network) 1.20
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